Sunday, November 04, 2007

Say Hey Mickey, Again =)

I really, adored my first visit to Mickye's deli...and I vowed to try their Ciabatta pizza. A promise is a promise and I was back to try more of thier stuff!!! hehehe


Soooooooooooo GOOD! PERFECT CIABATTA!---yun palang--ok na eh! ;P hehehehe Topped with tomato sauce and mozarella. Simple and simply delicioso!!!! I LOVE IT! I even put a bit of Tabasco!!! I know...I DON'T LIKE hot and spicy stuff but I just thought it was fitting to do so because, we had pur pizza with some.......BEER!!!=)

Nope. I AM NO BEER DRINKER. DEFINITELY! But, as they always say...there are exceptions to the rule....minsan or always ;P As I have mentioned in my prior post, they offer a selection of international beers. Our good waiter, Macoy...recommended we try the Franciskanner and Murphy Beers...their best seller.

Well, let's give it a shot then....the Franciskaner tasted really good! I was very surprised to like the taste of this beer! It tasted malty and had none of that bitter taste most beers (like SMB) have.
Next up, the Murphy...a stout beer which came out of a can. Our waiter tells us that it should be poured in a glass in a certain way to ensure perfect flavor distribution.

Here is our good waiter serving up our stout. As you can see below, he is right...layers formed as he poured the beer in the glass and then it turned uniform a Cervesa Negra.

The stout beer had a more bitter flavor to it. Like Rootbeer...but less sweet. I like the first beer better, but both were good. I was really surprised I was able to DRINK BEER!!! A real first for me =) It was great with our pizza...that's the reason I put a little Tabasco in my pizza. I felt really manly that evening! hahahaha ;P

This is the bread basket
Not free though. Ciabatta, Sourdough and baguette slices served with herbed butter and pate. VWE HAVE EXCELLENT BREAD HERE!!! Yes we do!!! LOVE IT!

Apart from the bread and pizza....I return for the cheese!!!!
They do offer prepared cheese boards ans antipasti platter on the menu..but we opted to select our cheese faves over the deli counter. They served it up quite beautifully noh? We had Asiago, Grana Padano (a favorite of mine, which I encountered first at Galileo Enoteca) and the funky, flowrly like cheese you see is the Tete de that is something new. It's a wheel of cheesse, where the serving blade is rotated on top of it to create that flower like effect. Initially, I found it bland tasting..but after the flavors set in your's really great..try for yourself =)
We picked strong flavored cheeses ( well, the Asiago was the mildest flavored one we had) to accompany our beers. If cheeses work well with wines...why not beers right? Well, it worked out fine and we indeed had very happy palates after! They put in a new dessert on the menu...chocolate cake...ala mode was it? ..but no room for dessert...maybe later:p hahah
I think Mickey's is one of my latest favorite restos now. Their food if simple but very good quality...well, at least for what I've tried. My new beer, cheese and pizza place! Maybe on my next visit, some sausages and antipasti or wine! The place hs a very nice and comfortable can tell they have the good stuff here...the place is packed! =)


Ruy said...

This is one place I've always wanted to try but haven't been able to due to an aversion to the Makati area. I think it's really time I did.
I hate missing out on all the fun.=)

Jen Tan said...

hahaha..yeah ruy...this is definitely a fun place...bring the mrs....have some beer..cheese..pork knuckles and bread! hahaha it's far from Glorieta naman...I guess this place is pretty safe ;P GO NA!!!! and tell me what you think. They also have a good wine selection..if you're into that =)

Jen Tan said...


i hate goin to makati too if i am by myself as i always get lost hehehe ;P

Ruy said...

Actually: getting lost is my main concern myself. safety second. haha.
Liv love, love, loves wine so much while I'm more of a beer person so this place should be perfect. Thanks for sharing this Jen.=)

Anonymous said...

hmph!! hindi mo nanamna ako sinama

Jen Tan said...

You are most welcome ruy! You and Liv will definitely have a great time here then...well, this place isn't that hard to Jupiter St. the side of I.O. Pero I would always prefer being on the passenger seat when goin to Makati area talaga! Please let me know what you think when you guys get to try it ok? =)

Elaine said...

Ei Jen! Our first visit was good! This was even Better! hahahhaha. Talk about giving up on our search for good artisan bread huh?! We've found our Wow Place at last!

Jen Tan said...

Yeah Elainey!!! We have a WOW artisan bread up---the WOW dessert place!!!! =)