Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Cool Tea Bar: Kozui

I'm really not much of a TEA LATTE fan. I do take tea, but if I do so..never with milk, honey or sugar. This changed when I tried the ROASTED MATCHA LATTE at Kozui. Kozui is situated beside Baang Coffee, at Tomas Morato. It's a pretty lime green and white painted tea bar that serves iced and hot teas and interesting Japanese snacks and meals.

Roasted Matcha Lattes, Grande and Tall

Well, there grande is a REAL GRANDE in size ah! It's great. I love the nutty, rice green tea taste and it's creamy but not milky tasting, that's why I like it =)


These are yummy!Balls with crabstick or chopped shrimps inside squid ball like ---balls. It is covered with nice sweetish, terriyaki sauce and some bonito flakes =)


It's Japanese halo-halo, so they say. It is made of sweet red beans, taro, tapioca, bilo-bilo like balls (that I didn't like) and a choice of fruit (mango or strawberry). They are covered with shaved ice and topped with soft serve Green Tea Ice milk here! It's nice and refreshing =)

A nice hang out with a variety of japanese meals and snack options =) My alternative to hanging at cafes!


Ruy said...

We like this place a lot too. Something different if you're tired of the usual coffee.
Ain't their food just pretty?=)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...yah nice noh? thought i won't like it kase coffee freak ako and this place only offer TEA!hahaha yeah their food is pretty and the ambiance is refreshing...may weird thing lang's CLOSED PAG TUESDAY!!! ahahaha ;P

oliboy said...

it's called samurai balls...

Jen Tan said...

Opo Oli! ;P