Sunday, November 04, 2007

Road House, Serendra

Is there always room for dessert??? I think so! hehehe

On to Serendra for some dessert...what are we in the mood for? I always appreciate the hot and cold dessert thing...some people opt for the cool and refreshing ice cream or halo-halo....some go for cakes and pastries.

Tonight we wanted massive desserts! And by massive, I mean voluminous! hahahaha And where do we get this??? Let's head off to American restos!!! Yup..haven't you noticed that...Chili's, Fridays, Burgoo serve up huge portions sized of desserts...that's why it's hard to have desserts there if your only 1 person or 2 =)

In Serendra, at High Street, there is this resto called Road House. Well, it looks like your average American was packed...with lots of people enjoying buckets of beers!!! A drinking place...but we are not here to have beer..we come for some desserts!!!

The Mighty Oreo Mud PIE

hmmm...havne't younoticed almost all American restos have a version of a MUD PIE! hahaha This is not event the slightest redolent od MUD. It's made of chocolate and coffee ice cream with snicer bits in side on an oreo crust, drizzled with chocolate sauce! hahaha A very sinful pie---maybe that's why its a MUD PIE----it's MUD DIRTY sinful! hahahaha It was good. Deeply frozen. The ice cream was not that was sweet...and err..just ok =)

The Cowboy Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with a huge scoop of chocolate coated vanilla ice cream..drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was ok...the cake was moist...but I think they used substandard ice cream...hmmmm it wasn't that good.

The desserts were happy desserts naman and they were BIG. Sugar fix achieved! For me though...I would rather have a very minute serving of exquisite dessert made with premium ingredients as opossed to having a moundful of a dessert that is just...well...sweet and filling =)

But then...desserts like these are great when shared ---and sharing is indeed fun =)


s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Jen Tan said...

sorry I had no idea =)