Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Shobe's Wedding

Like a grand finale for my wedding last wedding for the year (I think) is for my very own sis! My younger sis tied the knot and my hwole family are full of emotions. It's the first wedding in our family. We are all daddy's girls...and you can just imagine how he we felt when my sis walked down the aisle.

It was a beautiful chinese wedding. The ceremony was held at the San Agustin church and the reception at the Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom.

My sister was so beautiful. Her gown...her face...she was indeed a wonderful woman. I am very happy for her...a bit sad that I know things will not be the same after the wedding as she moved in to their new home. My baby sis asks..."why does everybody have to go?..." Part of life...are inevitable changes that one must go through. I have been waking up with my sister at the other bed...all my life now....and after her wedding...I wake up to an empty bed beside mine.

I remember how a dear friend told me...sister's relationships get better when they each get married. I can feel it is's js been a day and I realize how much I love my sister.

My dad is the only man in the's harder I think for him...especially that my mom is gone already. It's heartbreaking for us girls not to have a mom at a moment like this...but must be tougher for my dad, I am sure. Letting go to enable one to move on the next chapter of life is but a fact to accept.

Best wishes to my beloved sis Che and congratulations to her husband Jeff....please, please take care of her and love her with all your heart.

This is my family

A momentous day in our lives =)


canDIshhh said...

Congrats to Shobe Che!

Ruy said...

My best wishes for Che and Jeff. Don't worry Jen, you'll get used to it in time and then you'll have pamangkins then you'll be a nice aunt and take them to food trips.=)
I wish you could post more pictures.
You all look so much alike by the way.=)

Jen Tan said...

Hey Didi thank you =)

Jen Tan said...

Thank you ruy =) oo nga noh...haven't thought of it that way, come to think of it....parang nakaka-excite nga magkaroon ng pamangkins! I love babies =) sigh*** then I'm gona be aunty Jen who will always take them out to fun foodie nga lang magiging pang bata na mga i-lalagay ko sa blog ko! ;Phahahah

Really?? A lot or people say we all look different!...madame ako pics sa friendster ! hahaha I'll try to put in more pics here later =) Thank you again ah

Ruy said...

Haha, I can just imagine posts like "Tita Jen's Fun Ranch Adventure" or "Tita Jen and the Ice Cream Factory".=)

Jen Tan said...

hahahaha..I think that is not far from happening ruy...hey may post na kaya ako sa fun ranch ! hahahha sa may tiendesitas right? in Silver City? naku...madame dame na ang mga anak-anakan ng mga friends ko! ;P haha..but I would love to have more kiddie posts in the future..child at heart pa naman ako! ;p hahahaha at heart na nga lang!

Ruy said...

I think that role suits you just fine. Until you decide to have your own at least.=)

Jen Tan said...

thanks ruy =) yeah..aunty jen is fine now..but ofcourse I would love to have kids of my own.

just found out yesterday..a friend of mine is on the way na of my recent brides---good times =)

spanx said...

hi jen!

í'll be having Thanksgiving dinner at Hizon's. they have the best, bar none, Turkey Platter in MMLA... but i guess you already know that ",)

i'll be meeting anton of awesome planet and two more cabalen bloggers, both named ivan, to plan out the Ultimate Pampanga Food Trip.

we're looking at December 15 as the best date, hope you can join us then!

Jen Tan said...

hey spanx!

I have never tried their turkey platter, as my family doesn't really celebrate thanks giving...I dont' even know exactly when it is ;P hahaha Now I have another reason to go back to Hizon's...though it is kinda far from me...I'll find someone to drag along with me there =)

Wow! A Pampanga foodtrip!!! Sound like so much fun...very interested to join ...can I invite friends too? Please keep me posted!

Thanks for visiting =)

spanx said...


thursday is turkey day at Hizon's ",)

the works: white and dark meat, cranberry jelly, sweet potatoes, and the best gravy ever.

look for my tita mila if you're planning to drop by. tell her you're a friend of spanky, grandson of, and this is the secret password: Lola Sally!

that ought to give you a discount !

friends and enemies are welcome to join the next Pampanga Food Trip, i'll keep you posted ",)

Jen Tan said...

hahaha..THANK YOU spanky for the SECRET PASSWORD to getting a Hizon's discount!---I will definitely use it...maybe this weekend ;P...hard to make it there on a thursday--sayang...yummmmm love sweet potatoes...=)

yes please keep me posted on the Pampanga already eyeing people na makakasama! yehey---hope schedules work out and meet!

Thanks a whole big bunch spanx =)