Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

It's my daddy's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! =) Well, it's actually on the 29th but we always celebrate birthdays of family members on the Sunday closest to the birthday. Well, we normally have the usual chinese lauriat, since my Dad only appreciates Chinese food! hahaha Yeah, it's kinda like that. My Daddy is kinda old fashioned and solid with the notion that the best cuisine is Chinese!!! We almost rarely eat Italian, American more so Mediterranean food when we are with him. Japanese is an exception though, he loves Jap food =). In the light of being healthy for my father's 61st...we opeted for Gloria Maris...but this time just the HOT POT =).

Well, since everything is fresh and boiled....healthy right? Yeah, we feel and think so!

A platter of egg noodles, greens, corn, frech tofu, mushrooms (shitake, botton, straw and enoki)

How about some fresh tiger prawns, crab sticks, balls of different sorts, pork, chiken and beef...for some healthy protein =)

A yin-yang of broths to cook all of those wonderful meats, noodles and veggies...

This is my atchi's fave...fried seafood roll

Like a seafood salad, wrapped in rice paper, battered and deep fried...severved with fruit salad =) very rich but very yummy! Consume moderately to avoid umami! hahahah ;P


My favorite chinese dessert! I think I only find this at Gloria Maris, Greenhills and at Emerald Garden in Roxas. I haven't seen this on any other chinese resto menu (have you?). I love it! It's like un-fried buchi....soft glutenous balls filled with minced nuts and I am not sure if it's black beans inside...the ball is dusted with pulvorized nuts! Yummy...I love it! My sisters love it too =)

And, shobe Nikki's fave...Mango Sago

A refreshing traditional chinese dessert! It's just god ol' mangi puree with tapioca pearls =) Simple and delicious....although, this one needs a tad bit more sugar! hehehe


Anonymous said...

surprisingly the mango sago in north park taste really great

Jen Tan said...

really? it's been a while since i've eaten at parang di ako naka-pag-mango sago there. i wana try the new branch yun sa may wilson, the place looks funky! hehehe

Jen Tan said...
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