Saturday, November 03, 2007

Amazing Cones!!!

War brought an amazing cone last night upon fetching me...Din and I got to taste some of this pizza cone. I've ben passing this store, located near first street New Manila...and I wana try it too because the place is always packed since it opend. The cone is made of crunchy pizza crust and stuffed with the pizza toppings...the top most past is where the cheese is...interesting and good ah. War tells me it costs 70 bucks a pop...kinda expensive for the size, but it's an ideal snack while driving....very handy pizza so to say...and the take out package is cool. The pizza cone is mounted on this cardboard-squareish stand. Neat ei? Worth trying =)


Dondi said...

Thanks for the good review. Please do pass by again and try our ice cream and slush.

Dondi OƱate
Vice President
Amazing Cones

Jen Tan said...

hello dondi! thank you for visiting =)i will definitely pass by as i have not yet tried dining there's ice cream and slush pala! Fabulous!

hope to bump into you there =)