Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mary Grace Cafe at Serendra

Moseying at Serendra, Sal and I stumbled upon this upscale cookery shop called Alessi. It's like a sossy Gourdo's that sells very unique and very expensive kitchen gadgets and what-have-yous.

This is something interesting....

This heavy staineless steel pot is meant for cooking cook your sauce of choice and just place your UNCOOKED the flat lid and it promises to cook the pasta in your sauce! I was a bit skeptical with this claim.....what if your pasta sauce is not so liquidy? hehehe The salesman told me that the pasta is guaranteed to cook! Well, priced at 13K IT SHOULD! ;P hahaha

After shopping around high street, we had lunch at Mary Grace Cafe. We have been here before, but only for coffee and ensaymadas=)

We shared the Seafood Pasta

It had mussels. clams, shrimps, black olives and capers, cooked in a light broth-like or was it white wine sauce (not quite like a sauce, really). This was a nice and light meal..we liked it =) Their portion size is really just good for one person.

Apparently, we have room for we shared the Apple Pie ala Mode

I love anything ala mode...and I want my ice cream....matigas and not on the soft and melty stage =) Over warm apple pie and topped with powdered cinnamon...this was a very nice dessert that went very well with coffee. Their coffee was not bad.
The place was jammed! The food their is the homey kind of food. Nothing fancy but one would definitely find something of their liking. The ambiance is friendly and inviting. Good and simple food with good dessert chocolate and ensaymada to boot, all priced just right. No wonder it's always packed amidst the various and fancy dining choices at Serendra.


Elaine said...

So this is the pasta dish you were telling me about! :) interesting!

Jen Tan said...

hmmmm eto ba yun??? Baka yun VONGOLE ni Oli ;P hehehe