Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hey Mickey!!!

I read and heard a lot about Mickey's Deli, located along Makati. Well, if I am not driving Makati is a great place to find good eats. Mickey's is definitely a WOW place for me! Why you might ask.....inside is houses a boulangerie called LARTIZAN...the brain child of Johnlu Koa, owner of french baker. His nephew is a friend of mine and gave me the heads up for this =). I am having trouble uploading my pcitures...if they are not here, I'll post it after this entry. I tell you, the breads here are by far the most authentic looking artisan breads I have ever they came out of some Dan Lepard's book! They dont' only look great...they do taste as good as they appear. Mr. Koa has out done himself...I am reminded of La Brea.....the breadshop I have never seen...only in books and in my dreams =) They let you have a taste of the variety of breads they great is that. Rye sourdough, French Sourdough, Ciabatta, crusty rolls, crossants, muffins, bagels...ah....bread love!=)

Ok...goin back to Earth....they do have other stuff worth noting, noticing and trying. They have a veru good cheese and antipasti selection. BREAD AND CHEESE and they do have VINOS....what more can I ask for??? I WANT BLOGGER TO UPLOAD MY FREAKIN PICTURE NO!--HAHAHA---ayaw eh. They also sell dried pasta, sausages...lots of sausages and other deli wet and dry Santi's but I think they have a better variety here.

On to the menu...its kinda limited to a few pastas, paninis, sandwiches and ciabatta pizza. They have this huge angus beef burger, with bacon and the works....and I tried the proscuitto & fresh mozarella sandwhich. To my disappintment, the ciabatta they used was NOT the ciabatta we saw at Lartizan (which was well browned, crusty and rustic)...I think they used the french baker like ciabatta here which was pale white. Nevertheless good proscuitto and good mozarella...with fresh greens and olive oil. Apart from the menu fare, they have daily specials written on a cute black board. Most people were having sausages or pork knuckles...maybe that is their specialty? There will definietly be a next time here...for the ciabatta pizza, bread basket and antipasti platter!!!

They only have one dessert though....some sort of crepe with appples served ala mode...but it did not appeal to us so I just had coffee. They serve Davidoff =) ....Aromatic but not strong.

I'll post my pics very soon...but I just have to share this experience =)


Anonymous said...

hmph!! am so near, hindi mo man lang ako niyaya:(

Jen Tan said...

jeff...i thought of you...but naisip ko you were busy...that was the night of the glorieta incident =( ...soweee