Sunday, October 07, 2007

Welcome Back Breakfast at Mom & Tina's

My first Sunday back and ofcourse I had to meet up with Kat & Sal =). We chose to have brunch at Mom & Tina's. I've been here several times but this is the first time I actually got the chance to try their meals.

We had the soup of the day
..which was like a tomato based bean soup, served with 2 pieces of cheese rolls. The soup was ok the cheese rlolls were nice and flaky..but not cheesy! hehehe

Kani Mango SaladGenerously adorned with ripe mango slices and lots of crab sticks. I just had way too much Japanese mayo! I am not so hot about mayo ;P

Chicken Galantina

We were kinda disappointed with this stuffed chicken. It was just ok....but lacking in was just kinda salty and dry =(

Spinach & Chicken Lasagna
Hmmm...we weren't so enthused with this dish...too little pasta, too much sauce and a bit too salty. We finished it anyway though ;P hehee

Shepherd's Pie

This was ground beef (I think) with creamy red sauce covered with mashed potatoes. I think it's a too salty for my taste. Perhaps we shouldn't have ordered this with the lasagna because they tasted the so much alike. The lasagna sauce and the sauce they placed here is one and the same ;P

Their food that day all tasted kinda salty! Why kaya?

Mango and Chocolate Toblerone Torte

The first time Sal & I tried one of these tortes, it was made of ice cream....but this time eeeewwwwww it was made of cream and mousse!!! Oh sadnessfor me. I don't know if we ordered the wrong kind but this was definitely NOT ice cream. Nevertheless, Sal liked it as she loves whipped cream =)

Hmmm maybe we expected too much from the food. The ambiance was still great and we had fun catching up with eachother. I missed these girls terribly! hehehe


Anonymous said...

the lady who dislikes white food.. hehe

Jen Tan said...

yup yup....true that! ;P hehehe well, not white foor...basta yun mga cream...whipped cream and it's ka-uri! hehehe