Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Very Special Shower

A very important wedding is coming up this November! Yes, it is the wedding of my shobe, Che!!! We are all so excited. My sis is still a child at heart....well, when it comes to food and fun. This is why I decided to set it at our "special place" for a simple intimitate dinner and some shower fun! hehehe I know my sis well, and she is the kind who loves simple and homey comfort food....and chocolate rhum cake! hahaha Cook Book Kitchen is the best venue for her shower, I thought. Well, my atchi, shobe and I set up the place. I made the reservations and picked the food and made games.

I contacted the verny nice owner, Maui Constantino and she was very easy to talk to and helpful with the food and venue arrangements. I had a buffet set that the food flows and the good times does!hehehe....

The Baked Parmesan Crusted Fish

Grilled Chicken with A Honey Mustard like sauce (I forgot the name of the dish!)

Pork with Remoulade Sauce

Green Salad with Caesar and Vinaigrette
Pillows of Ciabatta breads with Cream of Pumpkin Soup (pic of which is not here!hehehe)

Pasta Puttanesca
I love this dish! Yummy aldente pasta with tangy tomatoey sauce!!! =)

Chocolate Rhum Cake and Kittin's Scarlet Cake
YUMMMMM!!!! My sis was soooo happy with the rhum cake! It's her fave!!! There was this one time when Kat gave me Chocolate rhum cake from Almon Marina (she used to own a franchise) and my sis just fell in love with it. She says not as good as the Almon Marina version but...close enough! The Almon version is more well infused with the rhum.

Everybody was very happy with the food (thanks CBK!) and we had trivia games for the bride to be!

The Sisterhood (standing) Che and Moi; (sitting) my atchi and baby sis Nikki

The shower girls

As final surprise...we blindfolded my sis and told her we got her a MALE STRIPPER!!! She was laughing and nervous and thout it was our driver Mang Dino! hahaha When we took off the blond was her fiancee Jeff...he brought flowers =) Awwwwwwwww sweet! My plan worked out well! Thank you to my sisters and all the girlfriends who came tomake the evening special for her. Thank you Jeff and Jules for helping out in the final surprise!!! =)


Anonymous said...

akala ko sa akin ka papaluto?:(

Jen Tan said...

sowee jeff!!! konti lang kase kame and her friends daw di appreciative ng gourmet stuff =( pag-bridal shower ko'll cook for me ah =)

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