Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Omakase, Morato

I've eaten here several times already, but I don't recall if I have a full blog about Omakase. Yup, it's one of the jap usuals we dine in, along with the likes of Terriyaki Boy, Tempura and Kimono Ken. Like what they say abroad..."same same, but differeny!" ;Phehehe

I tried a few new things here....THE GREEN TEA SHAKE

Well, up untill I ordered it, I learned that it was a sugar-free shake...made of Resensa Green Tea was it? I am not so into sugar-free things...I used to be partons of ALL SUGAR-FREE -ISH, but after sufferring from gastritis and acid-reflux...I veer away from anything with aspartame or any artificially sweetened drinks and food...with the exception of the ocassional diet sodas ofcourse ;P (though I am not a soda fan) It was ok...tasted nothing green tea really, but I appreciate that it was refreshingly cool =)

Crunchy Maki

This is just california maki...fried! Hahaha Served with a mayo sauce with some sort of a tonkatsu sauce mized in it. I can't eat too much of it because the oily-ness of the maki being fried and the mayo dip kinda gets to me =)

Crispy Crab Maki (I forgot the actual name)
It's good ol' maki with deep fried soft shell crab stuck in them.

Oyster Fry

I liked this dish a lot. It's actually the first time I have tried an Oyster tempura. It's really interesting in the mouth while eating....a crisp and crunchy exterior is a great contrast to the coft oyster inside! Yummy with a tonkatsu dipping sauce, which has a slightly sour tone the works well with the oyster falvor =)

Chicken Terriyaki

The chicken terriyaki is good ol' bonelss chicken thigh grilled and served with terriyaki sauce and a side helping of potato salad. The chicken is cooked to a tender...a good rentidion of this conventional jap resto dish. The potato salad is a modern twist? hehehe


Looks good and yummy but I didn't get to try it =)

It's your friendly neighborhood Japanese resto. Good, simple and reliable jap food.


Anonymous said...

u didnt try the M2!!!!

Christy said...

WOWW!! Green tea shake and oyster fry?That's diff from what we have here in Malaysia! So Unique!!

Jen Tan said...

jeff...which one is the M2? what's the laman of the roll??

Jen Tan said...

hey christy! the oyster fry was really good =) By that, you mean there is an Omakase in Malaysia?? I visted Malaysia just a couple of weeks ago....I wana go back for more shopping and foodtrip..I didn't get the chance to go around much.

Thank you for visiting and dropping a line =)

Anonymous said...

the M2 is the onem with the slice of salmon on top