Friday, October 05, 2007

Dinner for Lotte: Kaya, Podium

A few days after getting back home, we set up another get together for my dearest Lotte. She is bound to return to D.C. in a couple of days, so, along with her high school barkada...(who happen to be friend's of mine as well) had a goin' away dinner for her. He had Korean at Kaya, Podium.

It was kind of a late dinner, that's why we were all so famished ...I think we over ordered =)

As you can pics were taken as quickly as possible because everyone wanted to dive their spoon and chopsticks as each dish was laid on our table hehehe...

Chapchae & Spicy Squid

We all loved the noodlees. The squid was a bit too spicy for my palate.

The Kalbi Chim (Korean Beef Stew)

This was delicious. The Beef was tenderly cooked and very flavorful!

Korean Beef bbq?
I forgot if this was koread beef bbq....all I remeber is it was beef! hahaha Apparently, I wan't paying much attention to the food...more on making chicka kase ;P hehehe

The Dumpling Soup

We all didn't touch this. We were served a bowl each but nobody was anle to eat it...we were all too busy sampling the meat dishes! hehehe

Korean BBQ Ribs

Now this was a favorite! Tenderly cooked and sweetish grilled pork ribs! It was really good with the sticky korean rice =)

Korean Chicken BBQ

It was ok...a bit spicy. You maybe wondering why we didn't have our Korean BBQ's grilled on our table top? Well, being famished and all, all of us agreed we want all of the food placed on ur table ready to be devoured!hehehehe

The Pajeon

As if we haven't ordered enough really, we saw this ordered by a neighboring we had to have it too ;P It's Korean leek omelet, whuch I think has taro in it? It was interesting and good. I personally like it as I am fond of omelets =) It was served with a soy based dipping sauce. Very sataiating!

There were 5 of us and guess what, we managed to finish everything, including 2 rounds of a variety of free appetizers. The only dish we left out was the dumpling soup. Definitely no room for dessert...not even coffee for me!

Well, overall the food was good, but the chatting part was better =) Bon voyage dear Lotte!!!

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