Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mickey's....the Pics =)

As are the pics from Mickey's Deli. Actually these are just some of them ...our dsl connection is still pretty bad.

Look at these Ciabatta!!

Wow....really rustic looking aren't they? These are the ones they turn into pizzas, but NOT used in the sandwich, unfortunately.

Now how about some sourdough....Beautiful!!!! Look at the slash work here and the finish is great!!! Wow...was what I uttered when I saw them on display. I LOVE IT! =) BRAVO!!! They taste as good as they look =) You can try them on the counter..they serve free samples! I could just stay there the whole evening!!!! hahaha

This is the sausage section...

Check out the pork knuckles and sides....a lot of people were having this...maybe I should too next time =) They grill a variety of sausages here too.

The Angus Beef Burger
Huge!!! The patty was very thick and to add more fat to about some bacon to boot! ;P

The selection of cheeses and cold cuts
I LOVE CHEESE!!! Let's have cheese please!! 'P


More beautiful Artisal bread....

I had to be dragged out from the Lartizan area! Really! They make breads on site and they have stone lined ovens where these lovelys are baked!

The Proscuitto and Fresh Mozarella Sandwich Very good proscuitto, frech mozarella, fresh greens and olive oil...but...but....why didn't they use that lovely...browned and crisp ciabatta on display...that would have made my evening perfect hehehe

Well, that's as far as blogger can let me upload for now. I DO have more pics from Mickey's but why don't you just go see for yourself....and take me with you!!! Wine and cheese please and BREADS! BREADS! BREADS! aaaaaahhhh =)

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