Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Angel's Kitchen

Finally! I had a chance to dine at My Angel's Kitchen with my dear Elaine. No Sunday brunch with Sal and Kat so when Elainey called for a meet up, I was more than happy to oblige =)

My Angel's Kitchen is located at Connecticut, Greenhills, beside the defunct Dorset Coffee, which is now a Japanese store with nice take out counters...another must try =). Anyhoos, Angel's Kitchen is a cute and cozy restaurant, serving comfort food, coffee and cakes. I just adore homey, no fuss, no frills restos, serving a mish-mash of good ol' homey dishes.

They give free spinach dip with melba toasts to perk up your appetite.

The dip is on the mayo-ey side, not the kind you'd order at Cibo (I love that!) but it's free so it very much welcome on our table! Not bad =)

More bread please! Now, before we were served the above mentioned freebie, we have already ordered the Spinach and Artichoke Dip, served with buttered breadsticks =)

Hmmm... it was, again, mayo-ey. I wished it was cheese based instead, I am not much of a mayo fan. The Artichokes were kinda pureed or finely blended-in so, you dig and dig ..but no Artichokes. But please don't get me wrong, it was good =) I just want chunky pieces of Artichokes in my dip =)

For our main, The Orange Chicken (Chicken Al' Orange) hehehe
The boneless chicken thigh was breaded and fried to a golden crisp and blanketed by a sweetish-tangy orange sauce. We liked it! I love the way the chicken was kept crispy even when sauced! Served with steamed rice, this was nice =)

For dessert, the MALAKOF/V (?)
It's actually sansrival with chocolate ganache. We were not so happy with this, as the butter cream was not buttery...more cream =( and the wafer layers were so so...sowee. Maybe we should have picked another cake...they had a variety available on display. Perhaps the flourless chocolate cake ala mode next time? =)
There were a lot of interesting dishes on the menu, like lamb curry, steamed fish....gratinated salomon...so a come back is a MUST! Their coffee is good and I like that it is served with a small piece of almond biscotti =) The service is good and the ambiance is nice. The place wa packed...so if you intend to come in a big group, you should make reservations.


canDIshhh said...

My friend is one of the owners! I love it there! :)

Jen Tan said...

Really Di??? Wow..discount!!! Sarap eh...will go back for sure =)