Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Really Tasty =)

The best things in life, really, are of the simplest things. How about some ultra thin porkchops with rice sauced with some-sort of soysauce or fish sauce is it? Ah's really TASTY at TASTY DUMPLINGS! =)

Sad to say, the Wilson branch has closed up....but they do have the original in Masangkay open and ofcourse....the Retiro branch! I used to hang out alot..I MEAN A LOT at the Banawe pool at Good at Light Year...hang at Taza...Cafe's nice and casual at that area and a lot of nice places to eat!

Tasty Dumplings is your NO FUSS NO FRILLS dining place for dumplings, hong-ma, soy milk and ofcourse uber thin and crispy fried porkchops! =) SARAP! Especially when you are SUPER GUTOM...walang isip-isip what to order...PORK CHOP WITH RICE OR NOODLES LANG and if you may...some other sides =)

Steamed Dumplings

Fried Dumplings
Take them be-fatted (fried) or the healthy way (as in steamed) they are great! We liked the fried better, ofcourse! ;P

Ah yes..this is what I am talking about.....TASTY PORKCHOPS
Need I say more? The porkchop is like, pounded to a thin state....battered and fried. This comes with a clear soup (like hot water actually, but who's free), some sauteed shredded cabbage and steamed rice with that toyo or patis like sauce that makes it yummy =) And what do you dip your chops in?? NOT Ketchup....NOT vinegar but more of that secret sweetish soy or patis sauce placed on each table! It's the all around sauce in this resto. Dip everything here! hahaha

The soymilk is great too, a bit sweet but really good and the hong-ma with silver bread is a winner too =) Oh did I mention UBER cheap pa?---yes...real value for your moolah!

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Anonymous said...

i love this place, grew upo eating at the Masangkay branch almost once a week