Saturday, June 02, 2007

Advanced Birthday Dinner Date!

The birthday of my dear darling friend Gwen, is coming up very soon...and of course, girlfriends celebrate in advance!!!

For our special dinner for two, I suggested we try something new! I suggested SWISS DELI. I read several posts about it (i.e at dessertcomesfirst and our awesome planet)

The Swiss Deli is located at Pioneer St. corner Sheridan St. in Shaw. We didn't have trouble finding the place...just encountered a bit of traffic. When we got there, we lover the place! The door that greeted us was very beautiful! It was huge, wooden and had an antique feel to it. naturally we wanted to have pictures taken all over the place, so it was a good thing that it was only us and another couple dinning at that time last night.

We were served cheese twists and oh so good rye bread! They were very generous with it to boot!

For starters, we had the Cheese Platter
We LOVE cheese!!!! From bottom going counter clockwise: there was GOUDA, GRUYERE, EDAM, APPENZELLER and FETA in the middle with some eggplants marinated in olive oil

It was a good cheese plate! Great for opening the palate! It can be a meal on its own with the delicious Rye Bread and maybe some wine?! ;P

Ravioli in Tomato Sauce

A simple ravioli dish, swimming in simple tomato sauce topped with Romano . It was ok =)

We chose this among the "something different" list on the menu: WINZER ROSTI
It's swiss meatloaf topped with cheese on some hash browns =) Indeed something different! Very tasty and interesting to eat.It was like a huge spam-ish chunk...but softer and juicier and tasty! Not the home made meat loaf kind. This had a more processed finish, but still good.

We wanted some dessert, but all that cheese we had starter...on the ravioli...on the meatloaf, REALLY FILLED US UP!! Cheese overload so to speak! But it was a good kind of busog and we were happy to find the place =) We will definitely come back...and may I add the price is very affordable! We were surprised! =)

We had a great time with good food and lovely pictorial!!! Unfortunately, the espresso I ordered was not nice =( It was ladened with coffee grinds---throat scratching!!!!!!!!!! So we moved to Starbucks at Metrowalk for our caffeine fix =)


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