Wednesday, June 06, 2007


After work yesterday, I met up with Gwen at Shang mall. When we saw each other, we were already famished! Our eyes met and we both said...."CYMA tayo dinner!" =)

Without even looking at the menu, we knew we wanted the Roka Salata!
Our favorite salad!!!! We were seated beside a couple, and we were intrigued by what they were having...a plate of pitas...bruschettas and some sort of cheesy dip.....

The Spinach Artichoke Fondue

This was really good! Our first time to try this dish! It cheese and warm and ohhh sooo delish!! We literally mopped of the dip clean! Actually, our waitress was to remove the dip dish as it seemed eaten up already...she said "ma'am, ok na po....(taking the plate)" Gwen said "NO...not yet!" hahahaha We made simot our food 'till our plates were all clean! ;P hahahah Sympre, we are greatful to God for blessing us with good we show our thanks by finishing them all di ba?! ;P

After our delicious dinner and never ending kwentuhan, we moved to Starbucks for some coffee. Before we realized it, the mall was closing up and so we headed home=)

Always delightful being with you Gwen! Mwah!!!! =)


Tinkerbell said...

Jen, we should try the Calamares that we could't order last time... Every visit in Cyma is worthwhile. OPA!

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Hello Tinkerbell!! =) Yes we will have those calamares on ou next visit there!

'Till your next food escapade!!! ;P