Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back at Kulinarya & Movie Night at Last!!!

When someone asked me what was the last movie I saw...I coundn't really remember! Has it been that long????? Haayyy...perhaps. So Saturday night was Movie night! Elaine and I have been planning to go see a movie last week pa, but so far romantic chick flicks on. We picked Ocean's 13! My shobe cme along with me, because I picked her up after school (yes--she has this social work thing on Saturdays for school...inplce of ROTC!!!!---girls hav ROTC na pala!!!!)

Moving on, we checked the movie schedule at the customer service counter onthe ground floor. We were told that movie was on 9:20 and 9:35. Great, so we decided to have dinner first.

We had dinner at Kulinarya! The first time we ate there, we got interested on the menu, so we vowed to return and return we did!

This was my Asparagus Soup
It's shrek colored and had the consisnetncy of "joy ultra", as declared by Kirby! Withe the creme fresh on did seem like joy ultra ;P! hehehe Nevertheless, it was ok....with a lone asparagus stalk in it! hahahahaa

Elaine had the Mediterranean Pasta. It tasted kinda spicy at first, but the taste and flavor grows on Elaine declared. I tried it too...and I think I got a little chili piece! hahaha Whoooaaaa!!!!

Shobe and I shared the Mediterranean Roll
I was a bit full from my Cibo lunch, so I let my baby sis pick the food and I pick on her food nalang. She loves lamb. This was like a pita lamb roll cut up and served with a little portion of Caesar salad. I had the salad and a piece. It was good, but I think it's meant t be an appetizer! ;P hahhha

Kirby, had this Red Snapper on a bed of Potaoes Gratin!

I forgot it's actual name, but that what it was. It was really good. Kirby let us all taste his fish and potatoes! Yummy!!! Fish ws tender, potatoes was good...sauce was creamy!!!! Mura pa! as compared to Chelsea and more so Mezzaluna!

And for dessert, we hd this very interesting Crispy Suman ala mode

It was served with caramel sauce and mango balls. I love the contrasting temperature or the fried suman and the ice cream!. We all dug our forks into it and bitin sa ice cream so we ordered another scoop to dump on our fried suman. This is a rather heavy dessert! I'm glad 4 of us shared it.
Happy with our food, we went to the cinema to catch Ocean's 13.
We were told, the movie was at 935 already started and the next show was at 11pm. Great! We were miss informed by the customer service people!!!!
Use your time wisely! So we went to UCC for some coffee and kwentuhan nalang =) Before we knew it, it was 11 pm already so we rushed back to the mall to catch our movie.
Ocean's 13 was cool. I have a crush....not on Brad...not on George....not even Matt...I kinda found that guy wh went to mexico really cute! ;P hahahahha The first guy who went to mexico in that movie! I didn't catch it name! Anyone out there who might know??? =)
Oh, there is something I am really excited about....a movie is coming uo...with Catherine-Zeta Jones.....she plays a CHEF! A loveless Chef! Sound very interesting =)---I LIKE! Ofcourse, as the trailer showed, she eventually finds a love interest--another chef...and so it goes.... My kind of movie! I will definitely wait for this and by hookor by crook I WILL WATCH IT kahit mag isa ako! hahhahahah
I am a hopeless romantic! I am a romantic person and I am really hopeless!!! hahha Plus, I love cooking as I love food. I can't wait for this film to come out!!! ;)

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