Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sunday with Sal =)

I found myself back at Corinthian Hills last Sunday. My good friend Sal and I had lunch there and was supposed to meet with our friend Trina, to get our invitation. She is getting married on August 10 =) Unfortunately, she wasn't able to make it because she got tied up with another a family engagement (I think).

So, it was just me and Sal...and we had lunch at UCC Cafe. We shared the Seafood Salad....

...which was good, but the tempura shrimps ans scallops were to oily!!! I think I like the green salad better than this...but it was ok =)

Sal had the Strawberry kiwi shake to go with her share of the salad..

After out leisurely lunch, we moseyed on to the next door Santi's deli. I love browsing through deli's for nouveau items. Be it food...ingredients, equipments and kitchen's always interesting looking around.

I saw these on the ref shelf...and I instantly thought of one of my favorite food blogger---Joey! of 80 breakfasts....I think she loves brussel sprouts!!...

This is for you sweet Joey!

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