Monday, June 04, 2007

An Angel from Italy!

Who wouldn't want a creamy and dreamy scoop of cool, rich tasting Gelato on a hot day??? I know I would! =P There are a lot of restos selling what they claim to be gelato. But how d you know you're getting the real deal?

Well, Gelato, by definition, is the Italian counter part of the American ice cream...but it contains less air, thus it's texture is denser and has a creamier mouth-feel. A little Triv-bit: "Gelato" is an Italian word for "frozen" and comes from the Italian word gelare, meaning "to freeze." =) Gelato made without any dairy ingredient is know as the Sorbetto =)

Finally, we have a Gelato brand in Manila that is indeed true blue to the taste....Angelatti Italia!

It is owned by non other than my dearest friend Gwen! =) From a recent trip to Italy, she and her sis Lyn, fell in love with the Italian cool treat and decided to bring it to Manila.

This is the Chocolate Obsssion...

You see, I really went wild over this rich tasting, deep dark chocolate I even psted it the wrong way! hahahahaha

My sisters just loved it! The texture is really creamy...youjust can't stop putting spoonfuls..after spoonfulls in your mouth! ;P

It's available in differet gourmet flavors. I've tried the Pepita which is chocolate-chip honey crunch; and the Orange-Pineapple sorbeto, which has a very refreshing taste...I think well suited as palate cleansers during meals =)

They are now being served at several Italian restos, such as Cantinetta, Cafe Carruso and more to come!

So look for the brand and try for yourself.

For inquiries contact 0917-899011 Angelatti Italia


Sam said...

Yummy! It's ice cream time...

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Everyday is ice cream day! =)