Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Dose of Fabio Salsa

I have been meaning to get hair treatment for weeks now, but I just couldn't decide where to have it. Tony & Jackie only offeres hpt oil treamtent, and I wanted something more intesense! hehehe For sometime now, I've been eyeing Fabio Salsa at Power Plant mall, but I just never got the chance to actually go in! Yesterday was the day. I asked for their treatment services, and they had this Power Dose treatment for deep hair mositurizationand strengthening. Sounds great! They charge Php 990.00 per vial. Since myhair is considered Extra-Long in salon standards. They recommended I have 2!

They wash your hair, and spray on the stuff from the vialk and massage your scalp. Then the head is wrapped in SERAN and then placed under steam! Wow, I felt like a dumpling! ;P hahahaha

It was a good treatment! My hair felt softer and smoother. The set back? I can't wash my hair the following day for full absorption of the serum!

Be kind to your in the future..your hair will be kind to you!! hahaha remember, hair is our crowning glory =)

FYI, Fabio Salsa is owned by and run by Frank Provost =)

After feeling fabulous at Fabio...I met up with Cha at Corinthian hills to cap the day.


the philosphical bastard said...

dont european names sound more believable? i preferred versace over tommy once and i made more friends.

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

hello the philosophical bastard...

yeah european names are more convincing when it comes to beauty and fashion. fulnny thing though... the stylist at fabio salsa are all pinoys naman=)

thank you for dropping by!!!

in-JeN-iosiTy said...