Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oki, Oki is O.K.! ;P

Last Saturday, I had to go to Honda for the 1000Km service thingy. I went there early, in the hopes that it would be one of the first to be serviced and so that I wouldn't have to wait too long. Hayayay! So I thought! Turns out it be be ready around 3pm in the afternoon pa! It was indeed a blessing that my friend Carlo invited me for lunch at TriNoma.

It was my first time to visit TriNoma. As expected, most shops we still under construction. The place is huge, but it kinda have the Market Market mall feel....hmmm I don't know. Anyhoos, we decided to have lunch at this Japanese resto called Oki, Oki!! hehehe Catchy name ei?

We had the crazy maki.....
...the pieces were big and it was good =)

This is the Mixed Sushi had Unagi Sushi (my fave), Tamago sushi (another fave of mine...kahit egg lang yun...), Ebi and Kani Sushi, Tuna and Salmon sushi. A good mix and the pieces are well made and fresh =)

The resto boasts of having HUGE EBI tempuras..."we use Tiger Prawns" they declared.
We were not disappointed. They were indeed Big! A bit oily..but good in general =)

Oki. oki is comparable to Omakase and Sumosam. Good simple jap food =)

After lunch, we had coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf located at the top most level of the mall. The place was packed! I think Starbucks is still underconstruction, so no choice! hehehe

I think I'll go visit TriNoma when it is fully opened. There are a lot of promising restos and shops opening so we have to give it another go =)

Thank you Carlo for lunch, coffee and mall tour! hehehe

After that I went back to Honda and back to the office for some work...and off to another mall I go!


canDIshhh said...

We didn't like it there.. We ate at their MOA branch and it was... Not so good.

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Really? k naman yun sa Trinoma...not great but ok naman =)