Saturday, June 23, 2007

Afternoon at Sonja's

I spent my Sunday afternoon at Serendra with my friend Sal. It was a lovely day...the sun was surprisingly shy that time, as rain was about to set in. Cloudy and a bit windy weather is just perfect for me...while strolling along the shops and stores =) It's just but fitting for an afternoon treat of coffee and pastry--don't you think? We thought so! hehehee

We stopped by Sonja's cupcakes, which was teeming with people waiting in line for some icing ladened treats. I, personally , am not a fan of cupcakes...more so ICING....but since Sal hasn't tried them yet...we gave it a go.

She had the Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate frosting

...she was a bit disappointed with it, as she found it on the dry side. She wanted her cupcakes moist (don't we all?) The chocolate frosting was grainy with sugar and the chocolate flavor...barely there. After having this she opted not to take home any for her family ...=D ooopsss (sorrry to Sonja's cupcake fans---it's just a personal opinion)

We both had coffee, which was good. I actually like the brew at Sonja's =) You can get a decent cup of Java here my friends!

With that, we shared this huge block of brownies we saw displayed on the counter.

I liked it, definitely more than the cupcakes there. It's the dense kind of brownies, which was moist inside with a bit of a crunchy crusted top and loaded with walnuts =) I am nuts about nuts! hehehe

I would definitely come back here for the coffee and brownies and maybe next time try the extra large oatmeal cookies there too.

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