Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lunch at My Favorite Cibo!

I love Cibo! One one my all time fave restos =) Simple and good 'ol reliable comfort food. Me and my sisters went malling Saturday Shang mall in particular, so that my shobe Che can get listed on the bridal registry for her wedding. I to was to check out the registry of my good friend Shawie so that I may get her wedding gift already.

Of all department stores, I love the service and selection of Rustan's. I like the free gift wrapping service...I think its a nice touch...and I love that when you pick a gift at their registry you can even have them delivered. Great, because I don't like lugging along huge gifts when I am all made up and wearing a gown! This service is indeed a blessing for single girls like me :p hehehehe

While I was checking out the list, a guy came in and asked for the JV's registry. Chismosa that I am....I thought out loud---JV? Ejercito? Di ba married na yun? hahahahahha The guy smiled and spoke out loud...wala na mapili...puro 100K worth na ang natira! He says, the wedding is today na kase. I smiled...and made a mental note to myself: ALWAYS CHECK OUT THE REGISTRY EARLY ON BEFORE THE WEDDING DATE SO THAT YOU HAVE OPTIONS THAT WILL FIT IN YOUR BUDGET! ;p

I bumped into him again at Starbucks...he told me..."I'm goin to SM to check out their registry there..." I thought it was really funny that he told me this out of the blue..considering we don't know eachother. I go..."good luck!" hahaha I guess that happens when you're really pressed for time and options in getting a gift =) Good thing I am aa good friend and a responsible shopper..I was able to select a very nice gift for my friend...(hope you like it mare! )

Shopping can work up an appetite you know. My sister's and I decided to have lunch at Cibo! Good and reliable Italian.
My atchi and I shared an order of the Rigatoni al Fonso!

My favorite really, is the pasta ala Margherita..stewed tomatoes, basil and parmesan....but I felt like something tomatoey and creamy that this was an excellent choice! The rigatoni pasta held up well to the full flavored shrimp and tomato-cream sauce. Yummy...very nakaka-busog!

Ofcourse, we had our all time fave...spinach dip...sooo good. I can have this as a meal on it's own! =)

My sis Che opted for the pasta primavera, but I didn't put the pic here because I wasn't able to try it! hehehe

They still don't have the Pizza Ovale at the Shang branch..I hope they have it soon =)

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