Wednesday, April 04, 2007


After a morning of snorkeling and shopping for some some of us, we were all famished by early afternoon. We decided to have out delayed but never too late lunsh at my favorite Aria restaurant. It's an Italian resto owned by the Elizalde's (if I am not mistaken) and I remember adoring their pizzas!

What's really good about eating in bigs groups is that, you get to sample several dishes! =)

This is the Squid Ink fettuccini with cream sauce...a little too rich for my palate. Farther back is the Aria Pizza...with Parma Ham, Mozzalrella and Arugula. I like my pizza with thin crispy crust simple (few toppings, preferrable parma ham, herbs/veggies, i.e. basil or arugula, and cheesy! I'm really not fond of the commercial...pizzahut, shakey's type where its loaded with way too much topping that make you go nauseous after eating! hahah (Sorry to the Pizzahut and Shkey's fans out there!)

Calzone---I didn't get my hands on unfortunately!

Salmon Agurula Salad

Cheese Pizza!---It's simplicity makes it good =) Look at that crispy crust! I think a thin delicate crust is the best canvass for any pizza topping!

We all enjoyed our lunch at Aria! Very good no fuss no frills Italian food by the beach! =)

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