Saturday, April 28, 2007

Banana & Apple Found!

I've read a recent post on one of my favorite food bloggers, Ms. Lori Baltazar' dessertcomesfirst, on this new pastry shop with a very cute name Banaple. Ofcourse, I naturally made a mental note in mind to look this place up next time I pass the Katipunan stretch.
On our way home from our dinner at Metrowalk, I told Sal about Banaple and she was eager to go and find this place so we could check their goodies out! We like to buy food for our families to try.
We kept our eyes peeled as we started taking on Katipunan, coming from White Plains.
As I saw Kopi Roti at our right...then looking to the left.....EUKERA! We have found the red and yellow sign that calls out Banaple! =)
We asked our dear driver to take a U-turn at next available slot! We rushed out of the car and this is what welcomed us.....
lookie here...a cake display of scrumptous looking cakes!!!
They offered a selection of cheesecakes, carrot cake, snicker chocolate cake.... is there famous Banofee pie....
As I mention .quite often...I am really no fan of cakes and/or desserts whith white stuff (except cheesecake and tiramisu becasue the white stuff, i know, is cheese that I adore!)...sad to say the Banofee is topped with very white-looking banana cream or was it whipped cream topping =( So, I couldn't have the banana (of Banaple) so I went on to have the next best thing...the Apple in the Banaple!...=)
Here is the Apple Crumble...served ala mode! I love anything ala mode!;P I just love contrasting temperatures in desserts! Warm pie...cold ice cream...yummy =) Sal and I ordered this to share and I had an Americano to go with it.
As I was studying the other cakes on display, I mindlessly who owns the place?...As I looked up, a sweet looking woman and a nice looking guy looked back at me and and introduced themselves as the owners! YIKEEESSS!!! I was sooooo embarassed, as I din't notice them come in from the kitchen! I must have sounded so cocky looking for them like..."so sinong may ari?" hahahah... So sorry about that GJ and Maricel =) Ah yes, the owners are the very lovely couple aforementioned!
Our dessert visit turned out into a little tete a tete with the very nice couple! It was soo inspiring talking to them. The very nice surprise was that they were both UP graduates like myself! They were just 2 batches ahead of me! And Gj was even a schoolmate of mine during elementary days! I wish someday I could have my own little shop of cinnamon rolls and all my bread babies and all my food faves....I wish..I wish ....I wish I had the guts like this couple does! I find it so lovely that they work together...with food =) Sweet! Literally and figuratively!!!! I love it!
Here is the Appple crumble pie...ala mode...
I managed to get just a few bites of it because I got so engrosed in our conversation, but I recall that it was very good =). I like the crumble topping! Maricel told me that she even modified it a bit because some patrons found the crumble topping a bit too much. Is that possible??? Too much crumble topping?? hahaha I told her, if it were up to me, that would have been just FINE =)
Aside from cheesecakes and pies they have muffins and banana loaves =)

I will definitely come back here and bring some friends over! Thank you GJ and Maricel for being so accommodating and see you again soon! =)

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