Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Temple Tower of Ancient Mesopotamia!

I have long made a list of restos I want to try out, and I have totally forgotten about this mediterranean resto tucked away in the heart of Makati (somewhere near the red light district hahaha).
Ziggurat is a quaint resto having a very interesting menu of African, Indian and Persian food. The place is quite small, but very cozy. I like that you get to sit on the carpeted floors with throw pillows...makes the dining experience more authentic! The menu is a Gazette and serves as a guide as well to novice patrons.
It was a real great idea that Gwen suggested we dine here for our Friday night out, along with my good friend Oli. Gwen ordered the Beef Wet, the picture of which was deleted unfortunately! It was sliced beef with tangy red sauce with feta cheese and hard boiled eggs on the side on top of a big pita bread. The tangy red sauce didn't quite agree with my palate, but nontheless I didn't dislike the dish over all. Every bite was a mystery to me as I try to decipher the spice that went in the sauce and my brain tries to understand what is being masticated in my mouth! ;P hahaha I love it!---The thrill of eating strange food!
For something safer, we had the Mixed Kebabs plate....
It consists of chicken, beef and kofta with a grilled tomato and minced herbage--that was thyme-mint like. The chicken was grilled perfectly! Tender and juicy. I didn't touch the beef and we all liked the kofta. Kofta is like an elongated burger patty to me ;P
This is just traditional hummus...we just had to have it and it was great! I love the pita bread too.

Lastly we had the Turkish Tushmaj---or was it Tuchmaj? The picture of which I have to find, but let me just describe to you what it was. It was egg noodles...more like fetuccine but thicker and more gummy to the bite. It had a yoghurt based sauce giving it a slightly sour zing to it and it came along with some muchrooms and bell peppers (if I remember correctly). It was ok..but I would crave for it ;P. Again another dish worth trying but for me...not to try again! ;P hahahaha I just loved that it had a strange name =)

I would definitely go back here and maybe try the duck couscous! I love couscous! There are soo many interesting food on the menu and it would be really fun trying them out! to top it all off..the price is reasonable ah---I was surprised.

After our gastronomic adventure...we really planned to go to Fez in Serendra..but we got an invite from some other friends to hang out. So wewent to side bar in Ortigas----hahaha..yes, old school ei? But old school it was jammed when we got there! Our friend War was there and Claudine, along with more of her friends. It was fun hanging with them, although I the place was really, really "ma-usok" .

Thank you Oli for taking us out. I look foward to our Fez night Gwen! hahaha


ChichaJo said...

I enjoyed both times I've eaten there :) The only problem is my husband can't sit indian-style (not flexible...)! So he has to sit on a chair while we sit on the floor, heehee :)

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

hahaha!!! tell C to try Bikram Yoga first, then go back to Ziggurat! ;P Anything interesting that you suggest I try next time I go there? =)

Thanks for dropping by Joey!