Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pre-Birthday Teaser at Teazzan, Metrowalk

It's Sally's birthday coming this sunday!!! ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SAL!!!!! =) Just to be sure that we get the chance to get together to celebrate, we decided to have dinner last night.

We went to Metrowalk and checked out Teazzan. by the name itself...I was kinda thinking it was like the defunct, Struan and Tang's (remember that?). So we instinctively tried their fruited iced tea...

I had the Kalamasi flavored and Sal had the recommended by our waitress....

The drink is based on brewed green and jasmine tea...with fruit flavored syrup. The taste did not agree with me as I found them both to be too "candy" tatsing! I couldn't detect the tea taste anymore b4ecause the syrup they used was too overpowering....

We split this honeyed balsamic salad.....'s mixed greens with caramelized walnuts (but the menu says...cashews dapat!), sundired tomatoes (I love sundried tomatoes!) and balsamic vinaigrette (which tasted like it was JUST balsamic vinegar). Nevertheless, I liked the salad =) or was I just famished? ;P

Next up...we spilt an order of the seafood pesto linguine....

We bothed like this dish! It had pesto and a little bit of red sauce, which I think gave the dish dimension. The prawns were fresh and the linguine cooked al dente!

This is the spinach-cheese crepe (with mushrooms). We were supposed to have the quiche, but the waitress told us it was a very tiny order (muka siguro kame malakas kumain talaga!hahaha)

The crepe was more like egg lumpia wrapper to me, but I did like the spinach -cheese-mushroom filling. I love spinach and cheese =) Although, after a few bites, I found it "nakakasawa".
For dessert...we had the mango souffle...good for 2 for Php 225.oo

Hmmm...I really don't like white stuff =( I like the soufles at Le souffle..but this one, I took a pass. It was too eggy for me...I could barely taste the mango and it didn't seem like dessert to me at all. After 2 or 3 bites..I let it go. Sally like it though.
It was nevertheless a plasant and filling dining experience overall. I like the interiors of the restaurant.

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