Sunday, April 15, 2007

Take Me Away by Stacie Orrico

From your walk to your style
From your lips to your smile
Got me feelin like a child
And baby I just want it all for me
Baby tell me that it's all for me
From your kiss to your touch
Got me needin it so much
Boy I got a crush
And with you is where I wanna be
So please tell me that its all for me
I love it I dont want it to stop
Every minute I'm without you always seems like a lot
Feels like I'm in a dream when I'm not everytime I get close to you
Please don't wake me baby cause I really hate seein you go
But you gotta handle business, yeah baby I know ??? when you walked out the door
Please take me away with you
From the look in your eye You want me as bad as i want you in my life Baby lovin you feels like a dream And your lovin has become a need
Every time that you go
I get a pain in my heart, and that lets me know
I just gotta have you all for me Baby tell me that it's all for me -CHORUS x2-
A love like yours is hard to find
Can i be yours will you be mine
I think its time Please take me away with you
Cause you bring out the best in me
The greatest love I've ever seen
Is what I need please take me away with you

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