Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunday Shobe Bonding Day =)

I have been out quite a bit the past week and I missed my shobe a lot, so I decided to take my shobe out malling last Sunday.

But first things first...I went out of the house early to bring some cinnamon orders to 2 of my friends in greenhills. Can you believe after my Saturday night out at Apartment B1 I managed to bake when I got home? O yes I did! That's how much I love baking---love it more than sleeping! hahahha ;P

After my deliveries, I met up with my friend Gwen at theatremall for a quick chitchat =) (just can't live without that! hahaha)

I went back to the house to pick up my shobe and to Podium we headed on! My shobe goes..."are we gona meet with your friend Gwen ba?" I said..."no, tapos na" and she goes..."bakit tayo aalis?" I told her "wala lang for bonding =)" hehehe

We had early dinner at UCC, one of my favorite coffee shops. I really like the food selection here. The I call their menu, simple-fancy...the items are really ordinary..you know like pasta...sandwich and salads...but the put very nice complexity to the dish that you cannot find elsewhere! I love it! =) hahaha

Let me expound.... consider exhibit 1.A Chocolate French Toast!

My shobe was contemplating on this or a waffle and apparently this won her over. The cubes of thick bread made into mini- frensh toastlets that are slightly crisp on the outside and soft in the indside...smothered with chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream (this is the yucky part! ---to me:p) and sticks of pocky! =) (i like pocky...specially the kind with almonds) My sis loved it!

And here...exhibit 1.B Chicken Terriyaki Penne...

This is for yours truly =) When it comes to pasta...I am inclined to the noodle type..i.e. spaghetti, spaghettini, fetuccine, linguine, angel hair..... but for this dish I am ok with the penne since the Terriyaki chicken has strong flavor. I love this dish! As I love Terriyaki...I love chicken and Cheese!!! I think this will be a UCC favorite of mine along with the Terriyaki eggplant sandwich (see Terriyaki still???) Warning though..this dish IS VERY FILLING! Super busog and like you need to be wheeled out of the resto! bwahaha (exagg!!!)

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