Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Som's Experience =(

I've raved about Somm's Noodle House in a previos post of mine. I loved the food the fisrt time I've eaten there and the price of the food makes it all more worth going back to.

Last Sunday, after meeting my friend Ling (to give her her order---thank you sweetie!), her sisters's and bf at Starbucks Katipunan. I hopped to Corithian hills (yes--Starbucks again!) to hang out with my sisters and brothers. When our stomachs were clamouring no longer for coffee...but for some substantial nourishment...I suggested we go to SOMS! I told my brothers and sisters that it was really good and cheap there minus the ambiance---but who cares right? Perfect plan for a laid back Sunday dinner. ...or so I thought!

We got there around 7:30pm...the place was full and the waiters adviced us to go to the new Jupiter branch. I refused to because I wanted my bros and sises to enjoy the authentic thai carinderia experience. We got a table and here is what we had

The Spring rolls

Green Tofu Curry

Red Beef Curry

Bagoong Rice

The food was still really good..but my bros needed their RICE with their ULAM naturally! That was what killed the experience! The food came in dish at a time! So what happend was we picked on our ULAM everytime each was set out on the table! After the bagoong rice came....our fried rice followed over AN HOUR LATER!!! OUR PAD THAI NEVER CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was really nasty!!!!!!! We were all bitin!!! It was so unfortunate that that happened because the food was really good pa naman.

Why SOMS???? WHY DO THAT TO US????? =(

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