Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cyma for the nth Time!

This Saturday, I had to visit my cousin at American Eye. I decided to hang around in the mall after that since I was to meet some girl friends in the afternoon and for dinner. I stumbled upon a new salon....(or at least, it was the first time I noticed it) Studio 546! My hair was priorly managed by basement salon, I went in and check out their "menu" and decided to get a hair treatment after running some errands at Rustan's.

My treatment took a good 2 hours of my precious time! Luckily I had my trusty iPod and a friend of mine was there as we did a little chit chat on the side.

What great timing that as I was paying my salon bill, Gwen got there and we moved on to shopping and had a little coffee break.

How time really flies when you're shopping! Before we realized was time to meet our friend Shir for dinner.

Can you belive that even if we had made reservations for 7pm as early as 4pm...we were still on the wait list!

We had a the Roka Salata--the to share portion because we were all famished! We really loved this salad! It has caramelized walnuts, sundried tomatoes, cheese and lots of greens with a light vinegrette dressing!


MOUSSAKA (is it ss or kk or both?)

We all loved this dish as well! It was all our first time to have moussaka and we were glad we had it! It's redolent of meat and eggplant lasagna...=)

And lastly...we had the Osso-bucco. I really am not much of an osso fan...but we had it because Gwen and Shir wanted to try them. They were not that crazy about this dish. We found the red sauce a bit over powering. This dish could have used a bit more pasta in it. Personally, since my trip to subic, beef seems to turn me off =( I think I had too much U.S. rib eye steak lil 'ol me can handle! hehehehe Or should I say---I have consumed my year's beef quota! hahahah

After dinner...we had dessert at C2! My shobe Nikki joined us there because she came from watching a recital at Meralco theatre....she hasn't had dinner yet so she had the Vigan Longganisa with garlic rice and salted egg. Shir had the guinomis (I think C2 serves great guinomis) and Gwen and I had the Ube Jalaya Shake! Yup.....wierd ei? It tasted like ube ice cream..but lighter and with tiny sagos.

My two favorite C's....Cyma and C2! hahahaha ;P

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