Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Birthday Dinner at SEAWIND

The eve of the birthday of my dear friend Lotte, she decided to celebrate at Seawind Seafood buffet. A great choice I might say. We were all famished from the afternoon activity of swimming, walking around and paraw sailing!

Seawind is located at the far side of Station one..very near Discovery Shores. It's a bit of a walk from where Jonas and all the other clubs are located, but it was worth effort!

There was a wide array of seafoods (ranging from a variety of fish, squid and the best part...huge prawns!!!!!!!!!!!!), beef, chicken, pork. Atop of that, a pasta station with a good array of pastas, sauces (marinara, pesto, cream sauce)and meats (i.e. bacon, chicken, scampi, squid etc); a salad bar and dessert bar!

Grilled seafood

What's left of the grilled prawns (I think we had over 40 pcs!)

Pork BBQ
We were all full to the brim! We decided to walk along the evening shores and head to discovery shores!
Thank you Balots for the great dinner and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GIRL!!!!! =)

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