Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lemon Grass Cafe

The agaenda for the day was snorkeling! Hmmm...remembering my first snorkeling experience during a trip to Vietnam and recall freaking out...not letting go of the life saver and having a very hard time breating through the mouth piece!!! Naturally, I chose to pass on this water activity of the day. Good thing my friend's Larry and Yet didn't like to snorkel--yey I am not alone! hahaha So parting with the rest of the gang, we decided to walk around the beach, check out the mall and get a massage!

It got amazingly HOT around noontime...too hot and sticky to get a massage! So amidst our shopping trip, we decided to cool down in the cool looking cafe in d'mall..the lemon grass cafe! The place was a cool lemon hue, with seiling fans, comfy tables and chairs, and an inviting dessert display! Larry and Yet wanted to try some desserts as we cooled off and waiting for the rest of the gang to finish their water fun.

This was Yet's Coconut Pannacota. It had a nice coconut flavor which was complimented by the mango topping. I had a bit of a gritty texture as opposed to being smooth (as a pannacota is supposed to be). Perhaps its due to the moisture drawing property of the coconut added? hahah

Larry opted for this Lemon Tart. This was a tad bit too big for a tart tart! He found himself scooping out the lemon filling as he tells me its too much for the crust, and when eating tart we want a good balance of filling and crust dont't we? =)
As for me? I loved the iced lemon water! ;P hahahahha

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