Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Brown Brotha! =)

It has been awfully HOT the past weeks. I feel like ice cream melting away everytime I am out of an air-conditioned area. Nonetheless, however uncomfortable for us HUMANs the weather may be...some living things actually desire such conditions---the YEAST! hehehe Yes my friends! --the icky and sticky temperature nowadays is very conducive to yeast growth, thus now is the time to make BREAD! =)

Meet the brown brother of my cinnamon rolls...the CHOCOBON---hmmm...shall I call him Chocoboy? ;P hahaha I made these last night, an order of a friend of mine. These are the original version actually of my cinnamon rolls. It has chocolate dough with dark chocolate chips inside. For this batch however...I mixed in white chocolate morsels with the dark because my friend likes white chocolate (unfortunately--I don't! ;P) .

I made them after dinner...and boy did I sweat like crazy for this, which made my missing out on pilates class to bake...quite alright! hahahaha It was soo hot in the kitchen...and naturally I can't put on the fan (because the draft will dry out my dough) and air-conditioning will slow down fermentation. Good for the dough....bad for the baker....nevertheless, seeing my brown babies rise perfectly (and quickly, I might add) is worth the suana experience! I call this BIKRAM BAKING! hahahaha =)
I decided to put the cream cheese frosting today, because I don't want it to melt away while I am in transit.
These are 7 x 5 rounds....interested parties may contact me for orders...just leave me a message =)


canDIshhh said...

Your title is so cute!! hahaha.. Mag-bake nga tayo minsan!

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

=) hahaha! Thanks Di!Yah let's bake together soon! I've been doin a lot of these babies the past few days...swerte naman dame order! I'm a happy baker!

See you soon! Miss na kita!!!!!!!!!!!