Monday, April 16, 2007

Half Moon at Serendra--Mezzaluna!

I haven't seen my friend Sal for quite sometime now...with all the vacation gaps and all. She invited me to have have coffee with her at Starbucks Corinthianhills and went antipasti shopping at Santi's. She had her holy week vacation at Baguio and she surprised me with Benguet Coffee and a silver "J" pendant from Ibay's !!!! =) How sweet!!! I loved them both!!! Thank you my dear Thesally!

I was supposed to just stay home and rest that evening...but my aunty...or is it cousin "I"? Invited me to have dinner with her to catch up. I coundn't refuse since she has been asking to meet up with me even before my boracay trip....and I missed her too... so I ofcourse obliged!

We went to Serendra because aunty "I" hasn't tired any of the restos there. I picked Mezzaluna. As I have learned, it has the same owner as Amoroma (I have yet to try Amoroma since I have heard good things about this Italian resto =) )

For starters, we had the warm salad with foie gras and scallops.....

this was good although a bit too oily for my taste. After having the 2nd small foie gras piece....I felt a little queezy! ;P hahahah Nonetheless..the scallops was perfectly cooked.

As our main...we had the Chilean Seabass on a bed of mashed potatoes topped with bacon. I forgot to take a photo of the entree, as I was enthralled by consuming the main course at once! bwahahahaha....I was a bit disappointed that it was a bit cooked over...rendering the fish a bit on the tough side as opposed to being soft and melt in your mouth ...the way Antonio's doest it =)

The bed of mashed potatoes was good...but not as smooth as I'd want it to be. I still compare it to Antonio's version of this dish...thier mashed potato was smooooth and creamy and dreamy. And I tell you, I am not much of a mashed potato fan!

We just felt "not busog" by our we ordered this Pizza Margherita. I love my pizzas simple....with thin crispy crust! Just good 'ol cheese, basil and tomato/tomato sauce for me please! This one was good...but after having a slice...I suddenly felt myself fill up---sayang??? ;P hahahhaah

After our dinner and lively chit chat...we moved on to Fez for a drink. Fez is this quaint bar at Serendra, situated beside Larry's bar. If I remember correctly it has the same owner as Moksha, a bar somewhere on the side streets of Wilson. Aunty "I" had the strawberry diquiri and I had a lychee martini. I liked my's base is Absolut blue complimented by the sweet fruity taste of the lychees =) I can only take alcohol that doesn't really taste like alcohol. Nevertheless, I have learned my lesson well and the hard way...that is why I know better NOT to have more than one cocktail =). Note: Things I've learned before I turn 30...#1368 know your alcohol limit or you might regret it! hahahhaha

As I was telling my Aunty about the affinity of Fez to Moksha...she got curious about it so we decided to go check the place out. I have been there once a few years back with a friend of mine and I remember liking the it.

When we got there..the it was full! Can you believe it..on a Sunday! The people were mostly contemporary Fil-Chi people. We asked if there was still an available spot for us...the waiter ushered us to the back and told'am sa taas po. We saw that there was NO staircase to be we asked him again.."saan yun taas?"...the waiter replied..."ma'am jan po" (pointing to the back room! My aunty and I looked at eacheother and we go.."ah..eto pala ang TAAS" hahaha I never knew they had a "back" portion, and it was quite spacious actually. Can you believe there were lots of people there still??? Luckily there was just the two of us so we got seated. I liked the place...nice...cozy...familiar. It's just like hanging in some 'ol friend's house. A nice place for friendly chit chat and hang time. I wanted to have coffee, but it was not I had the next best freeze! Well they put whipped cream ...ewwwee...but I managed to consume my drink without it mixing in ;P I can only complain about the know...nobody appreciates having "wala" "wala" na reply from waiters when you order something ( no cofffee, no cake, no bananas why do they put it on the menu???? ;P) and to top this off...i asked for a spoon and tissue....which never came. Oh well, perhaps it was because it was a sunday? perhaps it was late? perhaps..perhaps! But nevertheless, I think I'll be goin back here soon....on a better day...say a friday night or saturday =)

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