Monday, April 23, 2007

Apt 1B

I have read and heard so many good raves about this cozy little place called Apartment 1B by some of my favorite food bloggers. I finally got the chance to vist this place last Saturday night with my good friends...Mikey and "Angel" ;P . We got there after for a little night cap.

The place is homey with comfy looking interios...tables and couches. We were seted at a corner table on the ground floor, but I would have liked it better upstairs (it looks cozier there!) Mike and I had the brew of the day, which was 100% Arabica coffee. Arabica is the most fragrant of all coffee beans but it lacks the body that I look for in my coffee =)

And for dessert we had the Carrot Cake....

...this was ok..though I found it a bit too sweet for my preference. I didn't appreciate the caramel sauce that they drizzled on it. I think it over powers the complex flavors in this dessert and it made it even MORE sweet! There was also some sort of dried fruit incorporated in the glazed fruits or was it dates? It made it more like fruit cake than carrot. The cream cheese icing...was a bit weak on the cheese. Nevertheless, it was ok. Not bad but not good, I'm sorry to say. I remeber the carrot cake I really, really liked....the one from Cafe Ysabel. I'v had it aloooong time ago and I remember loving it (I just don't know if its still the same). The carrot cake of Fleur de Lyss, I like also =)

Moving on, we had the famous White Toblerone Cheesecake....

as you can see....WHIPPED CREAM A TOP!!!!! =( SADNESS!!! I hate whipped cream! I actually, am NO fan of white chocolate as well. The crust was graham cracker with some nuts in them, again too sweet for me. The cheesecake body had bits of white toblerone in them---it was ok but nothing I would fancy. I must add that the strawberry sauce they used to plate this dessert was too much and too thick! I'm so sorry to all the fans of this dessert. Perhaps I am a biased opinion as I hate whipped cream, I don't like white chocolate and I don't appreciate excessive saucing! hahahah ;P

A bad dessert day for me? Well, not really...I still appreciated the cakes we had. They were not my taste but I bet there are lots of people who like them=) We mopped out both cakes anyway so there you go! hhahhaha

What interests me though, is the hot items on the menu! The food looks very interesting....casual gourmet. I will definitely go back here FOR DINNER and/or BREAKFAST! Yes, they offer breakfast satrting at 7am! I love breakfast food! I love breakfast as I love morings! I can't wait to try the eggs benedict and waffles! ;)

Despite my disliking the cakes...I will definitely give this place another go!---matigas talaga ulo ko! hahahaha

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