Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My dear Cafe del Sol

If there is one place other than Aria that I cannot miss out when in's CAfe del Sol. It is strategically situated right beside Aria. I love their brew and the great desserts to boot!

The perfect pair!--Cafe Americano with Mango Cheese cake! Ohhhh ----we all fell in love with it! I am really a baked cheesecake lover, but for this one, I make and exemption. It's somewhat like a cross between a gelatin set cheesecake with a smooth, soft panna cotta mouth-feel. Its light and creamy and has a distinctive mango flavor imparted by the mango bits and topping! It has a Strawberry sister actually, that is more popular among the patrons...but for is the best =)

This is the cappuccino cake...well I really forgot it's actualy name. Its really good too, I like the coffee taste (ofcourse...anything coffee...espresso...I LIKE) =)

This is the mouse cake I think...I forgot how this one tasted but I am sure it was good as well.

We mopped off all the cakes and washed them down with the strong brew! A perfect ending to a perfect meal!

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