Sunday, February 01, 2009

Muang Thai

Muang Thai, situated at a small street perpendicular to the street perpenducular to Kalayaan street in Q.C ;P Ok I really need to take note of the street names...grrr...please pardon me...this area is around the are where Trellis, Kowloon House, Starbucks, McDonald's and Mocha Blends are located near Sulu Hotel and East Avenue =)

The place is adjacent to a Pancake House branch too and looks like a rustic Thai home...very nice and has an authentic feel!

Tom Yum Soup

I think this is a different variation of the Tom Yum..the broth being opaque white as opposed to the usual reddish broth with a tinge of coconut milk. This is a lighter soup, with a delicious balance of sweet and sour taste. It had seafood and fresh mushrooms.


I was very enthused ordering this appetizer, primarily because it is one of the first few Thai dishes I met way back in college. Remember Suku Thai in Megamall?? =) I really loved their verion of Krathong-thong then. I was kinda disappointed when this was served because they lloked like fried wontons, as opposed to the open faced fried shell showing off the the ground meat with corn and other veggies (as I recalled it to be). This was kinda oily andnot as great as I expected it to be. I have yet to meet another Krathong-thong in a different Thai resto to check on which rendition is more authentic =)

Thai Eggplant Salad
A very light and refreshing salad this was. Grilled and skinned eggplants mixed with dried shrimps and topped with soft boiled egg slices with a nice fish sauce and vinegar like dressing

We were out for a light and healthy meal and that was what we seemed to have had here. The food was generally ok...perhaps we should go back for their heartier dishes like the delicious looking bagoong rice and pad thai =)

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