Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pino Update...

I was reading my archives, and found I few comments that I wasn't able to acknowledge. One of them was a comment by a reader who was asking me to recommend a nice fusion Filipino resto. Hmmm...I have had quite a numerous experiecnes with restos serving the classics...but at this moment all I could think of is Pino. MENTAL NOTE: back track on places visited and re-think FILIPINO FUSION! ;P ---- C2 at shang mall perhaps! =)

This reminded me to post an update on my recent trips to Pino...Filipino Bar and Resto...located along Maginhawa St., Q.C. Since discovering the place, we have hung out here quite a number of times already, so allow me to share some of the new fares we have tried


Coke ZERO??!!! Yes--I happen to LOVE COKE ZERO! Zero calories with the SAME COKE TASTE! I couldn't agree with the ad tagline more. I was no soda fan until I met ZERO...and fortunately or unfortunately I am hooked! Why post this one? Apart from my fondness of this drink...this is the FIRST TIME I MET IT IN BOTTLE FORM---an 80z bottled coke zero! I thought it was cool =) hehehe

Ok..on to the food...

Inadobong Ribs with Potato Wedges
I forgot the actual name of this dish, but it was like a dry version of Korean Beef Stew. The meat was tender and tasted quite nice...we were kinda expecting more funk, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Pinoka Platter
We are the kind who likes variety when we eat...we like lots of things to nibble on and try not to mention we like volume as well ;P hehehe. This platter consisted of potato wedges, pork-chicken-shrimp kebobs skewered on lemon grass (yummy!), classic calamares, nori cheese sticks (your average cheesesticks made funky with strips of nori and a drizzling of strawberry sauce) and sweet-spicy buffalo wings =) A very nice melange of pica-pica goodies.

Corned Beef Croquetas
3 yummy balls of mashed potatoes filled with corned beef, battered, breaded and deep fried! Very nice and noveau! Like a recipe picked from Yummy magazine---which I happen to love for their twisty renditions of classic treats.

see what's inside...
corned beef alright! Like corned beef and ball form! We wished they put in more beef. It was served with a variety of wasabi-mayo, mayo and honey mustard.

Stuffed Chicken Roulades with Sweet Potato Mash
I wish I took a pick of the stuffing. Bacon, it was very good and the best part was the sweet potato mash! Sooo good! I love sweet potatoes! I think sweet potatoes aren't given as much credit as it should be. Why glorify Potatoes...when we should patronize our PINOY CAMOTE!!! Its one of the highest ranking food, when it comes to nutrition! It has more fiber, protein and rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K not to mention Vitamin B6 and minerals to boot!
Anyhoos...a great way to enjoy the humble yet noble camote =)

Crispy Tenderloin Tapa with Mashed Potatoes and Fried Quail Eggs
Sooo cool! The breakfast fave tapa...breaded and nuggets of chicken fried steaks! The fried quail eggs were a very nice twist to this tapsilog. Oh, it was supposed to be served with garlic rice...but we opted for mashed potatoes. The yolks from the quail eggs made the mashed pot taste richer and naturally---yummier!
Kinare-kareng Bagnet
Crispy bagnet in a yummy peanuty, kare-kare sauce! A nice twist. The sauce was delicious...our only complain...the bagnet "taba" part was too would have been excellent with a nicer cut of pork (meaning more balanced meat to fat proportion). The bagnet remained crispy even being in the thick peanut sauce...which was great.
Vegetarian Pita Pizza
Pita bread topped with bell peppers, tomatoes and cheese. It was ok, but it would have been better with more veggie variety and perhaps they could have used real mozzarella. A sprinkling of Toragashi added a nice zing to it.

Always fun dining here =)


mikky said...

i'm so amazed with your eating adventure... keep them coming... :)

Jen Tan said...

hey mikki! hahaha amazing ba sa dame ng kinakain? hahahaha ;P I'll definitely keep 'em coming...sarap foodtrip!!! our fave past time ;P hahahaha