Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Combi Rice Toppings

One of the whole in the wall restos we see quite often along Maginahawa street (yes, still something new to post on this seemingly never ending unique resto strip) is this retro flared place called COMBI...named after the combi van---like the one that Scooby Doo and his crew roll in ;P hehehe

The place is very small...just about 4 small tables inside and about two al fresco. It was a full house on this visit, but a table for two was available at the small corner within.

You will find combi miniatures adoring the quaint retro resto and a shelf that holds jars of childhood faves like..



Plates on plates!
The tables are ready with plates on plates where you eat on or put your bowl of rice toppings on!
Now for the COMBI's (COMBI-nation rice and ulam topping ;P)

Arroz Ala Cubana
There redition is funked up or economized with a fried quail egg replacing the traditional chicken egg. Plain rice, topped with ground meat in red sauce...tasting very much like pinoy spaghetti sauce! The dish is adorned with a thin slice of fried banana and some fried bihon. Priced at Php 89.00 a bowl...can we really say this is a cheap meal? Cheap in the sense it's an entire meal under ninety bucks but as for the taste? hmmm It was ok...edible and fun but after a while it kinda gets to us that we were like having spaghetti on rice..with egg and banana! hahaha =D So sorry...I know this place has a lot of faithful patrons in the area.

Also priced at Php 89.00 a small breaded porkchop with a thick brown sauce...a bit starchy..but again edible and quite fun to eat but nothing to go crazy over.

Mapo Tofu
This dish doesn't come with rice. Stacks of fried tokwa slices with veggies and a sweet-sour-spicy sauce. The tokwa kinda had a sour undertone to it which I didnlt quite like so much. This was edible but not really enjoyable.
To some up our whole combi experience, we were fairly satiated with a total bill summing to about Php 400.00 for two people. We had one bottomless iced tea for Php 40.00 adding to all we had that I showed above plus Php 5.00 for 3pcs of Tarzan for dessert ;P hehehe
May I add they are also famous for their fried oreo ala mode, which most people dining with us seem to order and enjoy. Anyhoos, the meals we chose were all ok but, simple eaters that we are, we were kinda not so into the taste of the food here. Nevertheless, I would still encourage others to go try this place...maybe you will find a combi of your liking? Perhaps the pinoy combi's are better tasting? The others seemed all pleased with what they were I don't want to generalize all together with our experience.
Needless to say we don't think we will find ourselves here, sad to say. The places and prices are friendly so you see for your self should you ever want to go retro dining in Maginhawa st. =)

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