Thursday, February 12, 2009

Having a Kick at Tomato Kick! =)

We are still enjoying Maginhawa St. to date! hahaha So many nice whole-in-the-wall places...budget friendly and good food to find here. One of the small places there you will find on top of a 3-storey mini building....TOMATO KICK! This place is always packed with kids...highschool and college kids...and people like us ;P hehehe All al fresco dining sit on mono blocks and simple stainless tables...but don't snob the will be quite surprised with the food and their prices.

Seared Peppered Tuna with Chips
Priced just over a hundred bucks....definitely less than 200! Pretty good with wasabi and soy...though the wasabi paste came from a tube...hey this was a very nice appetizer.

Sizzling Spicy Sausages
Slices of sausages in a spicy tomato sauce with onions and bell peppers. Very nice! The tasty sauce had a very nice kick that was great with the sausages.

Cheese and Garlic Pita Pizza
Simple yet very satisfying! A yummy snack or starter or pica-pica =)

Pesto Pita Pizza
Cheese, fresh tomatoes and pesto on crispy pita. Sooo good! My favorite here! I can have the entire thing to myself...and at 80 bucks per your heart out!!! =) I remeber our pita pizza at Pino...which was basically the same as the pizzas here, priced at about Php 135.00 for the vegetarian...the Tomato Kick pita pizzas wins by a big kick! They even have sun dried tomato pizzas!

Pasta Putanesca
Complete with fresh tomatoes, capers and olives. This yummy and filling pasta, served with buttered whole wheat bread is a winner at about a hundred bucks more or less.

A generous serving of nachos....about 40 can order them with dips or the loaded kind with add on price ofcourse.

Sizzling Chicken
Yummy chicken fillet in a sizzling gravy! We ate the chicken with the nachos....chicken gravied nachos! =D

Chili Dog
A yummy beef frank with ground beef, tomatoes onions and grated cheese! Like a hotdog-taco! Yummmy!!!! (about Php 60.00 more or less)

Casual hang out to enjoy lots of fun food to eat. Dining here will make you feel you are back in college...and spending like you are back in college!---(if you're around my age! hahaha) ;P

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