Monday, February 09, 2009

Gangsta Time at Bugsy's

Below our favoriteBarcino, at City Golf Pasig, lies a mobster resto-bar...BUGSY's. Well, no mafioso looking people hanging our here....just peeps trying to chill out after work or during weekends for some drinks and good food!

Bugsy's Platter

Composed of fried mozzarella, fried potato wedges and there famous buffalo chicken tenders, served with sour cream and marinara sauce. All of my favorite munchies in one platter!!! Yes, a happy trio this is! The potato wedges are thick and crisp...the fat blocks of deef-fried battered and breaded mozzarella...and boneless chicken tenders with a yummy sweet-spicy buffalo sauce...with skin on (that are CRISP even with the buffalo sauce on) to boot! Yummy and fun to eat...definitely not good for your health! ;P

Warren's Dip and Chips

A generously filled ramekin of tomato salsa and cheese dip served with deep fried pita wedges. It was good but we were kinda expecting a warm kinda dip. This was a cold, chunky salsa type dip...with grated cheese---could it be better if this was baked untill the cheese melted? =) Perhaps use real nachos instead of the fried pita? We enjoyed eating this and manage to still wipe out everything =)

Fish and Chips

Beer battered Dory Fish Fillets with fries. Good and enjoyable.

Crispy Liempo with Spicy Liver Sauce
A generous plate of cripsy fried liempo (like a lechon kawali) with your good ol' lechon sauce/liver sauce/Mang Tomas...spiked with siling labuyo! We loved how cripsy the whole thing is =)

We love the simplicity of the place with good food and drinks to enjoy that is priced just right. They also serve steaks and rice plates that looks enticing to try.

One or our fave places to hang out in when Barcino is full or when we want fun crunchy munchies =)

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