Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr. Ube, Ongpin

Of all the numerous places to eat good dimsum for meryenda in Ongpin...we enter Mr. Ube's cafe. Perhaps it's because of the quirky colored facade and interios that we were drawn in?

We just picked a few items on the menu to try...

Fish Siomai

Fish siomai? We thought it would be like---fish fillet pieces bound in the siomai---but we got....fishballs in the siomai =) Edible still.

Radish Cake
Looks nice as I love well browned and crisped raddish cakes....but it kinda lacked flavor.

Chinese Kikiam
This one was a tad bit too fatty tasting.

After this we wished we looked for Sincerity is on my list of places to EAT in...I have only tasted take out food at Sincerity...can't wait! =)
Oh, in addition...Mr. Ube is owned by Eng Bee Tin =)


mikky said...

yup, sincerity is way better... :)

Jen Tan said...

hey mikki..I bet nga way better sa sincerity! hahaha