Saturday, February 28, 2009

Churrito Cafe

We have found another hub for our food tripping frenzy...and we vow to finish off trying, as much as we can, the restos that fall in the cradles of Paranaque! Starting from President's avenue and going in Aguirre St.....I freak out with all the restos lined up for our taking! hahaha....or 'trying' least to say =) So many food places so, little little space in our seemingly small tummies! hahahaha

I have been eyeing this Spanish themed cafe....and traversing Aguirre by day.....he tells me..."I think it's closed na..."

One time we passed by Aguirre St. once more this time in the mid to late afternoon...looking for a place for some was a hot day....and what do you know....CHURRITO CAFE is OPEN! YAY!!!!=D

I had to have some churros..since the cafe is named after this spanish pastry. The best churros in town they claimed.

I just ordered the kiddie sized classic Churros con Tsokolate Php 40.00 or 45 was it...

It was not kiddie sized to me...we were served 3 sticks of normal length churros...showered with powdered sugar and served with a pot of thick and dark chocolate dip...with two nice balls of chocolate on the side =) I thought the portion was generous enough...and I did like the thick and dark chocolate dip...but the fried choux pastry itself was kinda too floury for my preference. I have always been accustomed to the churros of that is sort of my standard of good churros con tsokolate. Nevertheless, they were enjoyable and I love that they had sooooo many churros varieties. They had chocolate churros with white chocolate dip...they had churros with cream cheese dip...churros with filled centers! Wow! Churros galore indeed.

Apart from the lengthy line up of sweet and savory churros...they did have quite an array of food that all seems soooo exciting to try.

So we made a come back after sun down to try a few more of the treats here.

The night scene is unbelievable here! It's like they have their own world in Paranaque. We just love the change in atmosphere and the Maginhawa kinda feel to the streety-strip resto-bar hopping night life, to go venture.

The quaint cafe where we had churros earlier that day...turned into a laid back Spanish bar by night. Shabby-chic is how I would like to describe it. Couches with coffee tables....tables with chairs...the place lit by rustic chandeliers....and we are serenaded by acoustic entertainment. It was charming.

We had to have some pica-pica....full that we are after dinner...we had the Tomato and Cheese Samosas
Not the real deal Indian samosas. They were more like triangularly shaped cheesesticks with some chopped tomatoes in them...served with a horseraddishy tasting dip. Enjoyable but nothing as fancy as it was described on the menu.

Chicken Lollipops

It was described in a fancier way on the menu...but you know they meant chicken lollies with sweet-chili sauce dip. Served very hot...quite enjoyable for me...but he didn't like the thick bread-like covering of the chicken. I still liked it because I like bread and bready...and I like chicken and it was piping hot ...and I was just enjoying the novelty of being there =)

We had a great time here..listening to the music..relaxing and talking. It's not a real place for major eating maybe...but for hanging out and wanting to have lots of choices for food to munch on while chatting the night away...this is not bad at all =) Prices are cool...affordable and just right for the serving portions and ambiance.

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