Thursday, February 05, 2009

Som's Noodle House, Mandaluyong

There was much rave about SOM's Thai noodle house, when word got out about it's yummy and very affordable Thai cuisine, served ala Carinderia style along Rockwell. Then they put up full blown restos in Makati, somewhere in Nicanor Garcia, if I am not mistaken (which I haven't been to and not sure it it still stands to date) and one at Tomas Morato, beside McDo and above Zensho Japanese resto. The later, I have had a chance to meet and eat with some of the very nice blog-foodie friends I have made here (you know who you are =D ), has already been closed for quite sometime.

I got the chance to have SOME their branch in Mandaluyong! I didn't know they had a branch here...near the Mandaluyong rotonda. So how is Som's here?

We had to have SPRING ROLLS naturally!
What is Thai without springrolls! We love springrolls...Vietnamese or Thai. They were cripy and we just love the vermicelli inside...though I think they put in quite too much....but still well enjoyed here as we dipped in the yummy and chunky sweet thai chili sauce.

Tom Yum Soup
This is what he came for =). He just loves good Tom Yum! I personally don't fancy the dish so much...but I'll still eat some! hehehe He loves the sweet-sour-spicy taste of the cocunut cream ladened soup. All in a perfect balance...with seafood and cilantro. He is allergic to I got to eat the two big prawns in the soup! =D

Chicken Salad with Thai Fish Sauce and Calamansi Dressing
A big plate of iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes with a very light patis-calamansi dressing...topped with boiled chicken breast pieces. You can opt to have them with prawns or even beef or pork.

Red Curry Rice with Chicken
This is a real goodie!!!! A generous plate of red curried fried rice with string beans, tomatoes and hefty chicken pieces. I remember the price of this one..HA! Php 130.00....not bad at all! Again, you can opt to have it with prawns, beef or pork too...I would have liked it with the prawns...but under the circumstances...we have chicken =) Can be a meal on it's own...or perharps with the spring rolls on the side! hehehe
Real value for your money good still. Som's noodle house still good to visit, specially when really hungry and inthe mood for lots of RICE!!!!

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