Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Italianni's New Dishes

Italianni's dished up new items on the menu that are worth giving a try...

Chicken Scallopine with Pesto garlic Rice (Php 295.00)
Breaded chicken breast fillet with marinara sauce, served with a siding of sauteed veggies and garlic rice mixed with pesto sauce. Very nice and the serving was generos enough =)

Seafood Florentine with Pasta Marinara (Php 350.00)

A melange of fish, squid, mussles and shrimps with a side of pasta marinara and sauteed veggies.
Great new dishes ---great value---they claimed...hmmm... I think they are still kinda pricey for the kind of food they are. With all the new Itallian restsos around, Italianni's prices and fare is kinda not really worth it anymore, especially now they took out the Bistro card! (Is it back? ako lang ba ang wala? hehehe). I think we can find better quality Italian food for what we paid for during this visit, in other places. They kinda scrimpy with the free bread on this visit too...just because we were only two people they gave us like 3-4 bread slices only! We had to ask for more...they did oblige but gave us the same amount so we had to ask for another basket ;P hahahaha


Manggy said...

Given the usual price (and abnormally huge servings) of Italianni's, I don't think these are a bad way to go. In fact I have such a hard time deciding which one to choose from that thin menu, they all look so good!

Jen Tan said...

we don't find the servings unusually huge na eh hahahaha ;P takaw kame perhaps?

Italianni's fan ka pala! =) Masarap pa din naman here