Friday, February 27, 2009

Mang Inasal, Tomas Morato

100 Inasalicious Stores! Wow to Mang Inasal! =)

I first met Mang Insal on a trip to Davao a few years back. It had the same al fresco-fast-food type set up with cheap and good Inasal! I was so happy to see them branch out to Manila...and mushroom at every area where hungry people may want to enjoy Mang Inasal's Inasal!

They have a branch in Tomas Morato...always packed during lunch time...and why not...the rice is bottomless and the food is good =)

Sisig Bangus
Bangus flaked and served in a sizzlinfg plate ala sisig! Tasty and a little goes a long glad that the rice is bottomless---when you order....

...Chicken Inasal, ofcourse ;P

Simple and good value for your money. You'll just go nuts over the Mang Inasal jinggle playing in a loop! hahaha ;P

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