Friday, January 30, 2009

Korea Garden, Jupiter Makati

On to more of our Korean love....another all time fave Korean resto....KOREA GARDEN RESTAURANT in Jupiter St. Makati...
I noticed that most patrons here are Koreans spotted on this visit....hmmm..I wonder why? Food here are quite authentic and really good!

The traditional complimentary appetizers... Kimchi, Tofu, Bean Spouts, "dilis" and other picked veggies...
Compared to other Korean restos we frequent...Korea Garden served us the least number of appetizer plates...though you can ask for more =)

I forgot the name of this rice dish! I think it was Kimchi rice with Egg =)
I just love tasty fried rice dishes! The egg was cooked the yolk deliciously sauced over the yummy rice when we broke into it.

A Sizzling Squid Dish
This was not spicy at all...and the squid were tender and delicious!

Complimentary Pineapples

Quite a light meal for us this time =) Anyonghaseo!

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