Monday, February 09, 2009

Portico, Serendra

Porticco 1771 is one old time fave. With so many new restos mushrooming left and right...highe end to low end....we may neglect the oldies but goodies.

A trip to it's branch at Serendra...let's just say hello and see how Portico today =) It has been so long that I don't vene remeber what I liked in the place! hahaha

So let's just have an espresso
a small cup with a glorious load of caffeine!

Tuyo Pasta
A nice pinoy pasta here! Tasted like a garlic-chili-anchovy in oliveoil pasta---a pinoy Contadina here. How versatile our humble tuyo is...good with sinangang...excellent with pasta and olive oil!

Still good here! Portico --check! hahaha

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